Caught With My Mouth Open, Again


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Screen shot from Facebook, taken 5 October 2022. Border added.

No Stepping Stone lesson last week. Barn was at Nationals.

Did I miss going? Yes, because horse show. No, because super stressful horse show. [Where I Am Not]

Last month, Nationals chose a photo of me for a promotional post, “Wondering what to wear to the National Academy Championship Horse Show? Check out our attire page for helpful tips! Read Now: What To WearFB: post

I know it’s probably the luck of the draw what photos get used. Still, I was strangely touched by this.

The disembodied hand in the photo belongs to Reagan, Coach Courtney’s daughter and Stepping Stone Farm’s equitation star. If I looked good in the ring, it was thanks to Reagan’s sartorial oversight. [Barnshine]

Props to the late Sandra Hall for the photo and to J for making sure I saw the post. [Tempis Fugit II]

I bought this photo, along with many others from Nationals 2018. [Sandra Hall Captures The Moment]

As for 2022, it was a building year for the SSF riders who went. Bravi Tutti!

As for the title, Ms. Hall captured several photos of me at screaming at Nationals. [Nationals I Have Known]


5 thoughts on “Caught With My Mouth Open, Again

  1. I’d probably like it if it wasn’t me. I think I look like a dork. Of course, I’m thrilled with what it represents and why I have that look on my face. Me, not so much.

    Does anyone like how they look in photos? Or how they sound on tape recorders?

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