Rodney Is Sent to the Horse House


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Rodney is in the horse house, the equine version of being in the dog house. Although the dogs in this house have it pretty good. But I digress.

Good ride on the flat.

Ended session by trotting over a little cavalletti.

Right before the pole, he felt a touch quick. I figured 50/50 that he’d trot over it or give it a little jump, perhaps land cantering. He kinda hop-trotted it.

Then he blew a fuse.

Head down. Shoulders up. Crow-hopping back and forth across the ring. Some of the hops had serious loft. Fortunately he chose to go forward in a straight line. Turns were wide. So it was a matter of staying balanced over the top.

There were moments when I thought I might not stick it, or might not be able to stop it. I did and I did. Never underestimate the power of being pissed off. Eventually landed the aircraft. The display was sufficiently energetic that I could be proud of myself for riding it out.

After, I trotted to make a point. Then, got off and had our groundwork expert long-line him. Rodney hopped once more, getting four off the floor. Then, he calmly cantered a higher cavalletti doing his impression of the World’s Greatest Hunter.

I have no idea what brought this on, not even in hindsight.

He is getting the best of care.

He was warm. Temperature was high at the time. He was kept warm the night before.

He is sound. Blacksmith says his feet look better than they ever have.

He’s on UlcerGard AND an inflammation reduction supplement.

It was a good ride.

He improved in his exercises.

We had a nice conversation about staying relaxed.

Everything went well, until he had his diva fit.

It is never the horse’s fault, but I’m running out of reasons to explain his behavior.


7 thoughts on “Rodney Is Sent to the Horse House

  1. I don’t completely agree….it’s *almost* never the horse/dog’s fault. I like the sentiment in general as long as we understand that the point is for us to look at what went awry in the partnership so we can improve where we are able. Is there an underlying physical issue? Training issue? Our part of the partnership mental, physical, directional, cue, etc issue? But sometimes it is the other part of the partnership for whatever reason. Just like we are human and we give ourselves a pass sometimes for being less than perfect; they are living, breathing animals and are also less than perfect. Sometimes there is no explanation and sometimes it just is their ‘fault’ if we want to assign that word to it.

    1. Worth pondering… about the word itself and also that we don’t have to use it or think that way. Sometimes they just do whatever and we don’t have to (or can’t) discern a reason.

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