I’m Cold, You Need A Blanket


Awareness of the outside world. Newspaper motto. All The News That’s Fit To Print, New York Times.


I’m cold, so you need a blanket.

Actually, it’s the other way around with Rodney and me.

In my head, I was making fun if Rodney while I was putting his blanket on. Then I realized I was wearing my heavy winter coat.

Similarly, if I’m putting on his fleece, I’m usually wearing sweatshirt or vest.

Yes, my horse wears a sweatshirt at 75 degrees. So do I.

Guess, I gotta stop laughing at him.

Does he need it? No. Does he enjoy it? Yes. Are we around to monitor the ever-changing temperature/blanket equation? Also yes. So, why not.

“Rodney has decreed that any temps under 70, possibly 80, degrees is chilly and he will be covered, thank you very much, that is all.” [Changing the Blanketing Protocol, In Which Rodney Plays The Old Man Card]

“Rodney and I are firmly on Team Sweatshirt.” [New Equipment, Horse Sweatshirt]


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