The Graceful Envelope Contest 2022


Awareness of the outside world. “Cachet. Any textual or graphic design which has been applied to a cover usually, but not always, on the left side of the envelope. A cachet may be produced by any means— printed, rubberstamped, handdrawn, etc. A first day cachet should be related specifically to the stamp on the cover.” American First Day Cover Society: FDC Terminology.

So The Graceful Envelopes would be non-first day cachets? Any stamp folks care to enlighten me?

My entry for the Graceful Envelope Contest run by the The Washington Calligraphers Guild. The 2022 theme was Greetings and Salutations.

Process Notes

In my defense, the envelope looked better in person. While a mere sketch compared to the winners, it amoosed me.

Plus, I got a blog post out of it.


TWCG: 2022 Graceful Envelope Contest Winners, VIEW THE WINNING ENVELOPES on IMGUR

Next year. TWCG: 2023 Graceful Envelope Contest Call for Entries. The theme is fan mail.

“In 1999 my envelope was a winner.” Kath Harney: The Graceful Envelope Contest

Carol DuBosch Calligraphy: Envelopes The Graceful Envelope Contest Winners 2015 25 Years of Graceful Envelopes, 2019


Smithsonian: Pushing the Envelope | History| Smithsonian Magazine, Kernan 1997

Smithsonian: The Graceful Envelope. Archived Exhibition, no photos


“The stamps were designed by Zack Bryant using photographs by acclaimed heritage breeds photographer Aliza Eliazarov. Greg Breeding served as art director.” USPS: New Heritage Breeds Forever Stamps Honor Genetic Diversity in Farm Animals, May 2021

The difficulty in finding this once popular breed was the inspiration for the creation of the first North American livestock conservation organization, which has become The Livestock Conservancy.The Livestock Conservancy: MILKING DEVON CATTLE.


5 thoughts on “The Graceful Envelope Contest 2022

  1. Unless an envelope has a stamp on it with a cancel from the first day the stamp was issued, it is not a first-day cachet cover. (Cover means envelope.) Any cover with a design on it can be a cachet cover. An envelope with no design on it, but a first-day cancel is a first-day of issue cover.
    BWT, the reason envelopes are called covers, is that when people first started sending letters by mail, they’d write on one sheet of paper, fold it up (the way we fold papers to find in a #10 envelope) then put on another sheet to cover what they’d written and also have a place to write the address.

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