Winter Protocols, Blanket Adjustment

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Rodney, while being blanketing of an evening: What is this ‘layering’ I hear about? How does that work?

Yes, Rodney now wears layers.

Another variable for blanket math.

What is the temperature?

Sunny or cloudy? Raw, cold days bring out the blanket in me.

Day or night? Short of hot, humid summer nights, if it’s dark, Rodney can at least wear his sweatshirt.

Wet or dry? Our current waterproof blankets are all on the cold end of the spectrum. Warm and rainy, he’s out of luck.

What am I wearing? I joke, but Rodney’s response to weather is fairly close to mine. [I’m Cold, You Need A Blanket]

Reminder, we are talking about an unclipped, healthy, older horse, living in the American South. What can I say, he likes to be toasty.

Hat tip to ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing: winter wardrobe 2022-23.


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