Quilt Journal, Graphic Sketch

Art of the outside world. International Quilt Museum: Virtual Experiences. Or, International Quilt Museum > Visit > Virtual Experiences.


Apparently, a quilt journal is a book in which one records the details of the quilt one is making. I heard the words completely differently. Since an illuminated journal is a journal that is illuminated, a quilt journal is a journal that is quilted, right? I though it was a cool idea. I would so do this if I were a quilter.

It was a great trip … sightseeing, so much sightseeing … saw all the historic buildings .. visited museums … ate street food … saw a movie being made … rode in a cable car up to a castle … listened to music in scenic squares … time spent at the beach and in parks … time spent time looking at the stars … went to a play … had nice meal … shopping, so much shopping … it’s good to be home.


Process notes. Images from Emojipedia, Samsung versions.

Rabbit Hole. My search did not turn up any online examples, although I’m sure folks have done this. The closest I found was a crochet temperature blanket by @lapplecrochets on instagram.


Update. Story quilts! That was the search term I needed to use. Thank you Jane. (See comment.)

“So when we learned about the work of Faith Ringgold, an incredible artist best known for her “story quilts,” we knew we had to share.” International Story Telling Center: Story Quilts

Faith Ringgold website.

Plus books, Pinterest boards, community groups, and so on.


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