Winter Protocols, Rodney Continues To Have Opinions About His Wardrobe

Awareness of the outside world. Blog anniversary. First post Dec 22, 2011. Internet wisdom says that long-form, personal blogging is still dead. I need to be writing scannable content that solves reader-focused problems. Yeah, not gonna happen. I’m bored even thinking about it. [We begin. Again.]


Rodney, after a cold night: I liked the layer under my blanket. Now, I was wondering about the Sleazy. [Winter Protocols, Blanket Adjustment]

While back, we bought a Sleazy to use as a black hood for Milton’s Night Unicorn costume. [Minions]

Reused for Rodney’s Doppler Effect costume. [Neither Sound Nor Light]

Brought out as a possibility for Milton’s Cookie Monster costume. Ended up not using it. While it was out, tried it on Rodney during a cold snap.

He LOVED it.

He was warm. He was pretty sure this is what the cool kids were wearing. We are pretty sure that neither of our horses have any idea what the cool horses are doing. We didn’t tell him.

We will definitely be digging it back out, because the cold is coming.

A 43o drop? Three nights in the teens? Two days not above freezing? That is so not Alabama.

Stay unfrosty, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Winter Protocols, Rodney Continues To Have Opinions About His Wardrobe

  1. Congrats on your anniversary. You inspired me to start my own blog.
    I’ve been thinking about you and the horses ever since I heard about the storm hitting pretty much the whole country. That part of the world is so not used to those conditions.
    Keep on keeping on with the long form, personal blogging. I love it,

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