Getting a Leg Up


Awareness of the outside world. The history behind Birmingham’s favorite slogan, Birmingham Magazine, 2018.


Verily, I am a light unto the next generation … er … more like a warning beacon.

I used to be able to get a leg-up onto a horse. This was particularly complicated with a side saddle, when you have to be thrown extra high to clear the leaping head and then twist as you sit down since both legs stay on one side of the horse.

For those not familiar with the leg-up maneuver. Stand next to horse. Bend your knee. Someone grabs your lower leg. They heave. You jump. You swing your leg over. You float, light as a feather, into the saddle.

Somewhere along the way, I lost the knack. I don’t know whether I jump too soon, or too late, or not at all. With the best will and strength in the world, people heave yet I remain earthbound.

This becomes a problem in saddle seat Academy classes when one is likely to be sharing a horse. The second rider needs to mount in the warm up area. Stepping Stone Farm finally gave up. They started bringing a portable mounting block to the ringside. It was just easier.

At summer camp this year, SSF had leg-up practice. The activity was duly noted on Facebook. That lead to the following exchange.

Me: Post-graduate work will involve giving me a leg up. (For those who haven’t seen me at a show, I’m horrible about these. Splat all over the horse.)

Coach Courtney: you were my inspiration 😂😂

I’m so … proud?


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  1. One time I was riding with one of the kids – they’re really in early teens or there about, I suck at judging age. Anyway, I was riding with my saddle and she was bareback. She slid off, and asked for a leg up to get on. Well, I don’t know if she was lighter than I thought or I was stronger, but I sent her sailing over her pony! The ground was quite soft where we were, and once I got over my panic at killing a kid, she starting laughing about it before I did. I then gave her a less powerful leg up, and we continued our ride.

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