Riding With Two Reins


Awareness of the outside world. Independence Day in the US. Not feeling the love today. Too much going wrong, with no end in sight. This causes me to imagine some segments of society saying, “Welcome to the party. Sucks, doesn’t it?”


Horse, prefers to go in hackamore.

Rider, reluctant to give up bit.

Compromise, two reins. Rider uses hackamore rein most of the time. Keeps bit rein in reserve for times when horse decides to blow thru hackamore.

Everything Old Is New Again

When I wrote this, I looked up previous links, as I do. Remembered the first iteration. Forget about the second. What can I say, – to rephrase Whitman – Rodney contradicts himself? Very well then, he contradicts himself. Rodney is vast.

First time we tried this. November 2015 to September 2016

Tack purchased. [New Equipment: Hackamore Attachment]

Options. [Rodney’s Headgear]

Full minimalist. [View from the Top]

Experiment ended. “Yes, I know you prefer a hackamore. I don’t. You have not earned the cred. Therefore, you will wear a bit.” [Or Not. Rodney] 2016

Second Attempt. December 2021

“Dug up his old hackamore noseband. Rode with the bit as back up in case this was a bad idea … We gave it a week. Then stopped. He hated it.” [A Negative Result Still Counts As Data] 2021


In other news, on misquoting, [I Am Vast, Fashion Forward]


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  1. Have to agree with both comments. (Capt. Jack Harkness always wore both, LOL) I also agree with your “Awareness of the outside world.” Just when you think things can’t get any worse…

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