The Illustrated Month, July


Art from the outside world. Photographer Walt Stricklin does composite photography, WS: Scapes Galleries. ““Your camera is not your eye,” he said. “Your eye is the best filter God made. A camera is just a dumb piece of machinery.” Shelby County Reporter: Putting together pieces of the panorama, 2013. Ten of the China Scapes, aCurator: Walt Stricklin: Made In China.


J – Independence Day in the US on the 4th. Bastille Day in France on the 14th.

U – Stepping Stone Farm goes to the Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show. I go vicariously. [2017, 2019, 2020, 2021]

L – Virtual Tevis Cup 2022, Mile 100. (🤞)

Y – We haven’t hit 100 degrees yet. It’s coming. Feels Like has gone way over already.

23 June 2022, 4pm

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  1. “saddleseat is the original style of English riding that is the basis for all other styles”? That’s a new one on me.

  2. I love your Illustrated Months. It makes the month seem more individual rather than just a page on the calendar.

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