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Intro. Posting now so that I can link to this later. [STOB archives]



I would like to use your name in a blog post. What level of publicity you are comfortable with?


One. Full name and title with links to business or personal websites, blogs, social media accounts, and so on.

Two. Quasi-famous. First name. Single initial. Daphne. Trainer S.

Three. Full anonymity. No name. Details blurred.

Four. Some combination of the above.

Your choice. I’m good with any of it.


I want to give you credit but not have you be responsible for my misunderstandings. I try to make that clear. “As always, I present what I heard, which may or may not be what the clinician said.” [Thoroughbred Theatrics, Rodney at the Ellen Beard Clinic]


I can’t promised a positive spin.

I don’t write bad reviews. Why put negative energy out into universe? I’m not exposing Watergate over here. If it’s bad, drop it and move on. However, I could write the most glowing, upbeat, happy discussion, and you might still hate it.

Unless the text is for a guest post, I don’t offer pre-approval.


It’s much less of a big deal than I make it out to be here. It’s a small blog, with less than viral readership. Mostly I write about myself and what I did and what my horse did.

a) I come from a journalism background. Old habits die hard … actually they don’t die at all.

b) Most folks don’t care one way or the other. I want to give you the option in case you feel strongly.

Please contact me with any questions. I want you to be happy with the result, or at least not annoyed.

Posts of Possible Interest

Blog link is Virtual Brush Box. Blog url is “”. [Intro]

“I tend to write about myself & my horses, both out of self-interest & to avoid getting mired in privacy issues.” [State of the Blog, The Song of Me]

[At Least I Got A Blog Post Out Of It, Names]


5 thoughts on “Using Your Name, State Of The Blog

  1. I doubt it will come up again except in the context of a photo, but using my full name and link to my blog site is hunky-dunky with me.

  2. It took me a minute, but after clicking around your various links, particularly ‘at least I got a blog out of it’ (thank you for the added context!) understanding emerged and I believe I have my own version of what you’re talking about.

    My writing is all weaving-of-influences-perceptions-and-experiences and it becomes a very complicated tapestry.

    You can use “Lizzy” or “Liminal Lizzy” and my blog if it is ever relevant– I know there are several things I’ve picked up from you (like the blog hops you’d like to see!) that haven’t quite formed into shared posts [yet, at least 🙂 ]

  3. In case it’s ever relevant, first name and link to blog is always fine. In general, I’m not a private person, but I suppose it would depend on the context. When in a professional capacity (photography, for example) I want full name and ideally a link to my pro website. But in the blogosphere I’m happy with just first name and link. I don’t post anything to the blog that’s secret, but I also don’t allow Google to list it in searches.

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