State of the Fitness, Ambling About

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. APM: Mary Peltola becomes first Alaska Native elected to Congress, Ruskin & George, August 31, 2022.


Partway back to status quo ante prior to tweaking my ankle. [Bored]

Lots of walking. Getting back on bicycle. OTOH, have not tried Tai Chi yet. So many of the moves involve standing in one place and twisting. I’m probably fine, but keep finding reasons to delay it.

Places are walks, one mile unless noted.

New Places

UAB, outside
Update, UAB = The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Walmart as indoor gym. Member of household was shopping, so they got $ from us. Did twice.

Blount Cultural Park, Montgomery, Run For The Zoo Virtual 5K, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. Update [Puttering Around The Park, Walk Report, LPZ Run For The Zoo Virtual 5K 2022]

The Summit, semi-new. Walked behind buildings on return. [Inside and Outside, Lots of Walks]

Repeat Places

Limestone Park [Der Spaziergang, New Park Old Park]

UAB, inside. UAB hospital walking trail [Following The Signs]
Update, UAB = The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Heardmont Park [Strolling Along The Edges]

Unnamed corporate park [Another Lakeside Stroll, Corporate Bronze]

Local park


Virtual Places

Australia, biking, finished virtual tour. [Biking Virtually, Great Ocean Road, The Sequel]

Minnesota, walking & biking. [Biking and Walking Virtually, Mississippi River, Part One, Minnesota]

Kentucky, walking, above. [Der Spaziergang, Walk Report, The Strudel Sprint Virtual 5K, BreyerFest 2022]

Chicago, walking, above.

Data Dump

Walking – 21 days

Biking – 4 days

Riding – 3 lessons & 2 horses shows, which do not preclude exercise but tend to wear me out. Lesson more than horse show. Usually wired after a show.

Nothing – 5 days, ’tis the season of afternoon thunderstorms.

Doubles – 5 days, one-mile stroll secondary to bike or riding.


5 thoughts on “State of the Fitness, Ambling About

  1. Very impressive!
    Not only the walking but the energy to find the place, drive there, walk and drive home.
    Good work!

  2. What she said. Also: what is UAB? Enjoyed the photos.
    Used to do Tai Chi all the time when I had a working DVD player (working on that). Even with all my spine problems, nothing caused any pain. Try Tai Chi for beginners, movements are even more gentle. If I can find my DVD, I’ll send you the name. I tried a couple of tapes and this one worked best for me.
    Word Press still won’t let me give you a like, and puts my comments under anonymous.

  3. As far as effort, I try to combine walks with other activities. For example, both UAB walks were after annual doc check ups. I will take a bow for working hard to find new places to walk when I go on these other activities.

    UAB fixed. UAB = The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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