Puttering Around The Park, Walk Report, LPZ Run For The Zoo Virtual 5K 2022

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. “Raising funds to support animal care and wildlife conservation.” LPZ: Lincoln Park Zoo’s 44th Annual Run for the Zoo 5K/10K Returns to Chicago In-Person, May 2022.


Two walks in two weekends. Not planned. Just sorta worked out that way.

Run For The Zoo 5K
Lincoln Park Zoo
In-person & Virtual – June 2022
My walk – Saturday 27 August 2022
Blount Cultural Park
Montgomery AL, USA
Official time – 1:30 hh:mm
IRL time – 1 hr 3 min

The official virtual was Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5. I was not doing 5Ks at that time. [Bored]

Had the shirt already. Reported an estimated time plus a penalty for being out of date in order to get the virtual bib & finishing certificate. Unexciting, so I didn’t post them.

Only 20 finishers. Sadness. I want to see big virtual results so folks are encouraged to continue offering virtual options. It’s been interesting to see who stays with it and who bails. BreyerFest & WorldCon, yes. ComicCon, no. But I digress. [Results]

The Walk

The problem with averaging 3 mph is that one has to go faster to account for slow spots. Some are in my control, i.e. stopping for photos & notes. Some are not, i.e. traffic, street crossings, and so on.

Sagged in middle. Never had doubts that I would finished, just less enthusiasm than other times. I walked when it was logistically convenient, not at a time that was optimized for temperature or meals. Okay for the last mile. I could smell the barn.

The walking surface at Limestone the previous week was grass & dirt. This was tarmac. My knees noticed the difference. [The Strudel Sprint]

Scenic but empty. Saturday afternoon in summer should have been bustling. Do we still behave as summer once school has started?

The Park

Shaded paths …

… lakes …

… and fields.

The Shirt

Despite remembering to smile, my selfie game remains weak. [The Strudel Sprint]

The Question

Paw prints in concrete. Art statement or graffiti?


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