State of the Blog, Photo Theory and Photo Class Recap

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Awareness of the outside world. ANC: Players mourn loss of Alabama pool hall where everybody knew your name, McKinney, July 29, 2022.


[Digital Has Replaced the Darkroom, Portrait of A Photographer In Post Production, Guest Photo] 2019, photo by Meg McKinney

Getting back into photography with the big camera, for all the reasons stated previously: self-improvement, diversion, professional development & and so on.

Plan is to split Friday posts between fitness & photography. I’m sorta running out of things to say about walking around the pasture but I’m not ready to commit to four photo posts a month. Two, I should be able to handle. Maybe?

Completely, blatantly using the blog as combination carrot & stick to motivate me. This has worked for improving my graphic design skills on Sunday posts, less well with fiction on Saturdays. I’ll find out where photography falls on that spectrum.

This post is for your amusement & my reference, as the blog has become my external memory.

Past Classes

Tutorials with Meg, 2014-2017 [Archives, subsection Photo Classes & Advice Posts]

OMSP Nature 2017
[Foto Friday: Spotted at Oak Mountain State Park] water
[Foto Friday: Bird at Oak Mountain State Park]
[Foto Friday: Spotted at Sunset]

Samford Academy of the Arts Photography Classes
Know Your Nikon 2018 [Foto Friday: Photo Class Without The Photos]
Basic Photography 2018 [It’s All Grist for the Mill, Spotted at Kymulga Grist Mill]
History in Plain Sight 2018
[Spotted on the Vulcan Trail]
[Spotted at the Birmingham Mural]
[Spotted Spots Ghost Ads]

Sloss Color & Shadow 2019 [Color & Shadow & Spotted]

Past Photo Posts, not cited above

So, I came home and thought about why I photograph.

It’s good to learn new things, right?

Making the blog more visual.

I used to be paid to take photos. Someday someone might do so again. Would be good if I remembered how.

[Foto Theory]

2015 [Camera, The Rest of the Story]

2016, photo by Meg McKinney [Foto Friday: Sloss Furnaces]

2016, photo by Meg McKinney [Foto Friday: Sloss Furnaces]

2019, photo by Meg McKinney [Portrait of A Photographer]


6 thoughts on “State of the Blog, Photo Theory and Photo Class Recap

  1. The photos of you at the Sloss Furnaces are so reminiscent of your father! Not just in the way you look but in your total absorption in getting the shot. One of his favorite stories was about a news photo that wasn’t all that impressive. The photographer’s comment was something like “But I was up to my knees in mud!” Point: the condition/position of the photographer is irrelevant. The shot is the bottom line.

    One of the many lessons I have learned from you is: change the angle of the shot. Don’t stay with the standing there with the camera shot. Up, down, try all the angles.

    Thank you.

  2. Enjoyed the photos, thanks for caring. I really miss having a big camera.
    Yay for spotted and the Coke!

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