Slow Flight Around The Park, Dragon Con Hustle Virtual 5K 2022

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Virtual 5K benefited Open Hand Atlanta.


My 5K for September. Took a while for the medal to arrive, wagging its ribbon behind it.

Dragon Con Hustle: Jubilee, RunSignup
All virtual, part of Dragon Con
Orr Park, Montevallo, AL
Sunday 18 September 2022
3.3 miles in 1 hr 13 minutes

Another view of the medal, from RunSignup page. The shininess defeated my photographic abilities.

The Park

First responders doing a practice exercise. Baptisms in the creek. Families grilling. Sports. Young couples sitting together at the waterside. People giving life to a park.

Been here several times. Managed to not know about the loop in the back until now.

One benefit of a busy park – food trucks. – Orr Park and the Faces in the Trees, Alabama

Little bit of a hill in this one.

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