Rubber Ducky Day 2020

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Awareness of the outside world. Chicago Ducky Derby. I missed this year. Have a note to self for 2021. Benefits Special Olympics Illinois. Environmental note, ducks are collected and reused.
Happy Rubber Ducky Day!

A peacock duck because we could all use some glamour right about now.

Process notes. Duck was exceptionally hard to get in focus. Out of 112 shots, only 25% were marginally usable. Even this one is not as crisp as I would like. First problem was a “scene optimizer” that occasionally gets clicked on. I wish I could rip it off my phone. Nothing ever comes out when that *%#$ thing is on. I have no idea what it is used for. And, of course, it only happens occasionally so I don’t think about it and never notice it until I’ve struggled with way too many photos. Grrr. Anyway. Second problem was background in focus rather than foreground. Standard photography error. Finally the phone does not do well for close-up. Limitation of the techology. Teach me to use my phone instead dragging out the big camera. Good for snapshots; lousy for art.

Past ducks, duck trivia, & explanatory link, [RDD 2019].

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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