Milton Goes For A Walk


Awareness of the outside world. NPR: Which Indigenous lands are you on? This map will show you, Treisman, October 10, 2022.


Milton wearing britching and going for a stroll outside the ring at Stepping Stone Farm.

He’s done both of these before, but not for a while. We’ve gone back to first principles and are slowly moving forward.


3 thoughts on “Milton Goes For A Walk

  1. This is totally off the wall, but, do you remember an old Saturday morning cartoon call “Milton the Monster Show”? I can’t hear that name anywhere without hearing the theme music for that show.
    Is the harness as complicated to put on as it looks?

  2. How does Milton feel about this? He approves of being a driving horse.
    Had not met Milton the Monster, thank you!

    Harness. Lots of straps, but only a few buckles to do up when hitching. I think(?) the current set-up requires two connections on each side.

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