Murals at the Birmingham Zoo


Awareness of the outside world. NPR: Code Red At Omaha Zoo: A Rhino Was On The Loose, September 2021. Jontu wandered out for a snack. No rhinos, people, or trucks were hurt in the escape.

Bird Area

Predator Building

Reptile Building


Secretary Bird, Red Panda, & Turtle by Fitz Signs. WBRC: Local artist creates murals at Birmingham Zoo, Groover, Jul 2021.

Komodo Dragon mural by Magic City Mural Company. Painting video.

No artist given for snake mural in skink habitat.

Photos taken September 2021, during a virtual run (walk) at the Birmingham Zoo. [Run for the Koalas, Walk Report, Kansas City Zoo Run Virtual 1K]


3 thoughts on “Murals at the Birmingham Zoo

  1. Impressive! How clever to use graphics. I’ve noticed a trend: more use of graphics, emojis, non-verbals, etc. A smaller world brings people with many different languages together. Graphics are universal. Congrats to the Zoo!

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