Run for the Koalas, Walk Report, Kansas City Zoo Run Virtual 1K

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Flu shot yesterday.

In other news, photo story by photo guru Meg. Alabama Newscenter: Alabama quilters escape to Lay Lake for ‘Building Better Quilts 2021’, by Meg McKinney October 12, 2021.

The Virtual Walk
Run For The Koalas, 2021 Kansas City Zoo Run
Date, IRL – Saturday, September 18, 2021
Date, Me – Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Birmingham Zoo
Distance – 1 mile
Time – 19 minutes

Nineteen minutes translates to a hair over 3 mph. Not a bad pace for me. Results are not up for the 2021 Virtual 1 mile. Going by last year’s results, I probably finished middle of the pack. RunSignUp: KCZR Results

Now that in-person races are resuming, many places are also offering virtual options. Dunno if it is to accommodate people who are unwilling to do IRL races yet, or as a way to make more money. I hope it is the latter and vote that the trend continue.

The IRL Walk

Each year, I renew my membership to the zoo, plan to come more often, then don’t get back until next walk.

An alt-zebra, since it’s hard to get photos of real zebras with a phone camera. Also, I’ve decided zebra’s are weird because I am so very (very!) familiar with the shape but not at all used to seeing said shape with the art deco covering.

After the official mile, I wandered about a bit.

Previous Zoo Walks and a Zebra

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[Foto Friday: Equine Art Deco] 2012, photo, with my big camera. At least, I assume it’s mine. I would not have used someone else’s image, certainly not without photo credit. And this, campers, is why you should always use watermarks.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “Run for the Koalas, Walk Report, Kansas City Zoo Run Virtual 1K

  1. Do the koalas need help?
    Enjoyed the quilt article; as you know, I’m a quilter myself. But I’ve never heard of a half-square triangle referred to as an “h-s-t’. My sewing machine is a 67 year old Singer. It’s overdue by a lot for its annual cleaning and check-up, but the only store I trust is back in Rockville.I had it set up in the living room (which we almost never used) and Mom went to sew a hem and yelled up to me, ‘how do you thread this?; I said, ‘it’s your machine,’ and she said ‘I guess it’s yours now.’
    One of the loose zebras was found dead in an illegal trap. Now they think there are only 2 left wild. I hope they get them home safe.

  2. Zoos always need help. Strangely, I know many quilters but don’t do any myself. Sorry to hear about zebra.

    To circle back to zoos. They are a cliche for containment. This shows they are also for protection.

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