Book Walks

Images of Words

Awareness of the outside world. “StoryWalk® was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and has developed with the help of Rachel Senechal, formerly of the Kellogg-Hubbard Library.” KHL: StoryWalk

Birmingham Zoo

“Neigh! Neigh!” said the horse. “Want to go for a ride?”

Take your picture with The Very Busy Spider.

The Very Busy Spider, by Eric Carle, (Penguin 1996). Birmingham Zoo photos taken September 2021, during a virtual walk for the Kansas City Zoo. [Run for the Koalas, Walk Report]

Overton Park

Summer Supper by Rubin Pfeffer illustrated by Mike Austin (Random Hosue 2018). “Using only words starting with the letter “S” for both the clipped primary text and sound effects and labels.” Kirkus Review: Summer Supper. Overton Park photo taken during virtual walk but not used in post. [Hitting The Bricks]

Oak Meadow

Noon Balloon by Margaret Wise Brown (reprint Parragon 2016)

Lamination and Zip ties. inexpensive and easy to change.


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