Weekend Voyages, Milton

We used the four days of the Thanksgiving weekend to ship the horses to Stepping Stone Farm, one horse each day. It’s not everyone’s holiday, but it works for us.

Days 1 and 3 were Milton’s turn. On Thursday, we worked on our own with the long lines. On Saturday, Milton had a groundwork lesson with Coach Courtney. I rode a little each day.

A very little.

Between the time off for Nationals and time off for bad weather, Milton and I have backslid. Before Nationals I was riding in the big ring, cantering, and riding at home, although not all at once. Now, all I feel up to is riding him at a walk in the round pen. OTOH, I *wanted* to ride him at a walk in the round pen. There was a time when I was dubious about riding him at all. Once I’m on, I usually squeeze in a bit of trotting. I may have cantered a few steps as well. Still, not my boldest hour.

One of the problems issues features is that I am trying to give my driver more time with his horse. I rather monopolized Milton over the summer. So I ride less often, which is fine, but that means progress is commensurately delayed.

Milton and I are slowly going somewhere, not sure where that is yet, but somewhere.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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