Rodney’s Recap, Heat, Liberty, and Hay, March 2020

Horsekeeping Lucky enough to have a horse.   [Old Arena]   Heating Up A while back, Rodney reverted. He’d been trotted well. Suddenly, I had Mr. Hyde again [Rodney’s Evil Twin]. I asked for a simple, quiet trot; he threatened a hissy fit. I thought we had fixed this. Turns out his back had graduallyContinue reading “Rodney’s Recap, Heat, Liberty, and Hay, March 2020”

Rodney, The December Dismals

The relationship between Rodney and me has completely cratered. It could be him. He’s been jumpy since his first massage back in October [Massage Day]. As if the bodywork stirred up physical issues. He was more accepting of his second massage – when he didn’t think it was ultra-weird – but still jumpy after. OrContinue reading “Rodney, The December Dismals”