Massage Day

Last week, both horses had massages from Molly Flora, who also works on humans at The Retreat Day Spa, Irondale, AL.

As with Ms. Melnick [Massage Masterclass], Ms. Flora was all about direct muscle manipulation. She rubbed and pressed and lifted. She used her hands and forearms and weight.

I am more about surface and energy work. Are we surprised? I want to work more like these ladies, but two hours of continuous physical labor will never be my gig. OTOH, horses seem to like my approach and appear to benefit from it. So, I am trying to accept that we all have different skill sets.

Rodney was not as happy with this as he is with what I do. He concentrated on what she was doing rather than yawning and chewing and getting fifth-legged. But then, it was different. Rodney doesn’t do different.

The next day, he was fine physically. Mentally, he acted as he does when something is bothering him. Feeling things in new, weird places?

I did not take in as much of Milton’s work as I should have. Molly and I reach on several levels. Therefore, I spent much of Milton’s time talking instead of watching. Plus I held the front end. Rodney has had so much bodywork over the years that I knew he would behave. Milton is more ticklish and more likely to comment on infelicitous handling.

As it turns out, Milton accepted the work and passed with flying colors. She thought he felt fine. Rodney gets a redo in six weeks.

The next day, both horses were kinda grumpy during their morning schooling sessions. They seemed to spend much of the day in the barn, processing. I skipped the evening grooming and left them to their ruminations.

I am very happy with Ms Flora’s work. One definitely gets one’s money’s worth. (I am equally happy with Ms. Melnick’s work, but it’s hard to get her out.)

Ms. Flora gave me her card to post, which I will do as soon as I recover it from the safe place I left it.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. When I had Chief, he had a large raised area of scar tissue on his shoulder, close to his withers. It rarely affected his way of going, but when I learned about deep pressure message (which I have pretty much forgotten) I used it on that area. He would lean into me, give a deep sigh and totally relax, licking and chewing, eyes half closed, ears flopped out. It was hard for me to hold the pressure hard enough for long enough to make a difference, but the reaction was worth it. If you can afford it, massage therapy is worth it.

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