Choosing My Words, State of the Blog

TL,DR: Graphic Art. Will use as new wording for Sunday titles.

I continue my efforts to come up with informative titles when I stray off the main topic. “Got rid of post subtitles. Will convey relevant info with longer post titles.” [State of the Subtitles]

I’ve got most of the categories covered: dogs, photography, fiction, non-fiction and so on. I need one for Sundays.

Sunday – Images, graphic design, mostly lettering, with one non-lettering post each month. [About]

I know at least one regular reader who is not interested in Sunday posts as currently constituted. (Waves hi!) I want to come up with a way to say, This is one of those posts, you might want to come back tomorrow.

For example, the images in this post are from me sorting out how to do Celtic knotwork for a future lettering post. I am fascinated by it. I don’t expect everyone else to be equally riveted. Hence the labeling effort.


Visual – I think of these images as visual and text as something else. News flash. Written text is visual. Everything on this blog is visual. Next.

Graphic Design – Sounds more professional than what I am aiming for.

Graphic – Sounds like an explicit content warning.

Graphics – Accurate, but too easily conflated with above.

Lettering – True 90% of the time, but want more of an umbrella term.

Graphic Art – Meets all the criteria. Am uncomfortable labeling my efforts as “art”. You’ve heard the term, soul of an artist? Whatever is diametrically opposed, that would be me. While I hit satisfactory numbers on other attributes, I rolled for art with a three-sided die.


Calling it art doesn’t say that it is good art, or bad art, just art. Much as I label my story sketches as fiction. I’m not saying it’s good fiction, or bad fiction, just fiction.

“Graphic art, traditional category of fine arts, including any form of visual artistic expression (e.g., painting, drawing, photography, printmaking), usually produced on flat surfaces.” Encyclopedia Britannica: graphic art.


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