Perfect Attendance Record, State of the Fitness

This weekend, hunter/jumpers are in Georgia, Alabama Hunter Jumper Association, 2023 Kick Off Show. Saddlebreds are Louisiana, Louisiana Carnival Horse Show. I’m stuck at home minding two pasture ornaments and walking around in circles. Just in case you thought the acute crisis had dulled the chronic whining.

State of the Fitness

No missed days in February. Did some level of activity every day, mostly quiet walking.

Missed few in January due to weather, footing, and at least one day when I couldn’t even.

Daily Mile

New places.

George W. Roy Park

J. W. Donahoo Park

Akridge Arborteum Park

The rest were pasture …

… & local park, where Spring is springing.

Monthly 5K

From Challenge in Motion.

Couldn’t identify a thematically appropriate location. Weather & footing both iffy on Fat Tuesday. So, I went to the nearest civic walking track and walked until Strava told me to stop.

Mostly done with virtual medals. This bling caught me in a rare shopasaurus moment. “Virtual medals have been a hoot. I have enough. Ordered one more that I will use in 2023.” [Picture This, Walk Photos, State of the Fitness]

Proof Of Concept

Rode a bike. Renewed gym membership. Went and said hello to weight machines.


The difference between a park with paths and a park with a walking path. On one hand, scenic, but with much turning. On the other hand, easy to get in the zone but the same plastic playground & picnic shelter landscape that is everywhere. Details vagued on Strava map, so as not to call out either park.

Last Month [Stall Rest Chronicles 3 Feb, plus Fitness Photos]


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