Picture This, Walk Photos, State of the Fitness

Awareness of the outside world. National Association of State Park Directors: First Day Hikes. Putting on calendar for next year.


Daily Mile Walks


Local park. Muddy month, knees requested a paved path. Took Rose for one lap if minder along to watch her while I finished.

During a trip out of town, a suburb with actual sidewalks!

Westover Park. 28o during polar vortex. Go me. Did local park at 22o the day before.

Monthly 5K

Red Mountain Park. New place. No media. How can I not have been to this entire section of town?! No medal. Virtual medals have been a hoot. I have enough. Ordered one more that I will use in 2023. Then, monthly 5K mileage to Mississippi River, as this month. Unless I change my mind. [Biking and Walking Virtually, Mississippi River]


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