Stall Rest Chronicles 3 Feb, plus Fitness Photos

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. [Begin]

Week 5 post surgery
Week 3 of stall rest

Rain yesterday. Freezing conditions today. Family members getting into negative numbers! I feel as if we are all on stall rest.

State of the Fitness

New places for my daily mile, the first three related to Milton being at the vet clinic. All in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area.

At night in parking lot of vet clinic. Empty, well-lit, lots of space to accommodate horse trailers.

Avondale Mills Walking Track. Almost every time I use a civic walking track, at least one other person is also using it.

Lakeside Park on Lake Logan Martin

Walking track around an unnamed corporate lake in a suburban office park. The path was worn and being warped by tree roots. The office buildings were clean but empty. Gave off a vibe of ‘humanity is no longer here.’

5K for January [Moseying to the Music, Walk Report, MLK Day 5K Drum Run 2023]

Last month [Picture This, Walk Photos, State of the Fitness]

In Other News

Roaring Back at the Lion of Winter: A Speculative Reading, Sun, Feb 5, 7:00 PM. 10 authors. I’m tuning in for Martha Wells. 👋🐸👋


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