The Stall Rest Chronicles Begin

Recuperation History & Calendar

To Date
[When Weekends Go Wrong]
[When The Poop Emoji Is Your Favorite, Patient Report #1] Day one thru Tues 10 Jan
[Welcome Home, Patient Report #2] Wed 11 Jan thru Mon 16 Jan
[Adventures in Horse Care, Patient Report #3] Tues 17 Jan thru Mon 23 Jan

Veterinary Orders, provided no complications in previous months
Feb 13, graduates to small paddock
March 13, pasture privileges restored
April 13, light work begins

Milton Recap

25 days post surgery
Second week of at-home stall rest

Milton has been good about being confined to a stall. We’ve all heard stories about stall rest turning previously mild-mannered horses in horse-shaped kites. This may be in our future. So far, so chill. Milton hangs out, eats hay, and bites at Rodney through the mesh.

Milton and his minion go for two 10-minute outings each day, per veterinary orders of 15-20 minutes total. This seems a ridiculously short amount of time, but Milton is tired afterwards. Healing is hard work.

Milton gets upset is when Rodney is out of sight. Fortunately, Rodney is being very good about staying in to keep Milton company.


New plan.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been putting up daily patient reports on a separate page. Meanwhile, I continued to post here. I have been basically writing a second daily blog. Double posting didn’t worry me. I do love the sound of my own typing.

However, I underestimated how much energy Milton’s rehab would take. Mental as well as physical. Or perhaps we are all running a few gallons low right now. Ex Urbe: Self-Care & Healthy Work Habits for the Pandemic

I looked at my post shedule for the upcoming weeks, saw holes everywhere, and thought, I got nothing.

It wouldn’t be all that hard to figure something out. I’ve managed so far.

Maybe it’s time to simplify.

From now on, until we – the barn we, I have no idea about the global we – regain status quo ante, I am bringing the Milton Updates over here and dispensing with, well, pretty much anything else. The separate Milton Update page has been removed.

That’s why the banquet post was on Monday when I just got done saying saddle seat would be on Thursdays. And it will go back to being on Thursdays, once we resume our regular broadcast. Stall rest chronicle or not, I wasn’t about to let ribbons go unremarked! [ASHAA, How Wednesday Became Thursday]

In Other News

Signed up for GBH: History of Drinking Chocolates (Virtual), next month. Join the party! Let us be entertained and drink chocolate together!


2 thoughts on “The Stall Rest Chronicles Begin

  1. Why, if Milton gets upset when Rodney leaves, does Milton try to bite Rodney when Rodney is there?

  2. Excellent question! Relationships are complicated? Our horse is weird? You can’t chose your co-workers? But seriously folks, horses are prey animals. Safety in numbers, no matter who those numbers are.

    Or, as Jane more concisely says in the next post, herd animals.

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