Welcome Home, Patient Report #2

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Milton came home yesterday!

Much rejoicing!

Doctors Orders:

First Month. Stall rest with limited handwalking/hand-grazing.

Second month. Small paddock, unlimited handwalking/hand-grazing.

Third month. Pasture. No work.

Once clear, with no problems in recovery, can go back to light work.

Photo note. The bucket is low to recreate what he had at the vet clinic. He appears to like to dunk his hay while eating. Any water any way he wants is fine with us!

Annotated Updates

Text from the Day by Day Milton Updates page copied over to here. Page removed. [Begin]

Week 2 was about getting better.

[When The Poop Emoji Is Your Favorite, Patient Report #1] Day one thru Tues 10 Jan

Wednesday 11 Jan

AM & PM. Attitude & prognosis continue to be aces. Opened feed door. Wanted to give him a chance to look around. Mainly tried to reach his bucket. That I had moved.

[When The Poop Emoji Is Your Favorite, Patient Report #1]

Thursday 12 Jan

AM. Milton in a mood. More of a Milton mood than a patient mood. I thought it was an incoming storm. Turns out Doc had just examined the incision. Given the need to get under Milton and poke at his belly, Doc gave him a little something-something. When I got there, Milton was still shaking it off. Milton has a distinctive type of cranky irritableness when he’s had enough and wants to be left alone. I patted his nose and left him to it. K

PM. Fed a handful from his dinner ration. First time this year that we have been able to give anything to our horse. Weird. G&K

Friday 13 Jan

AM. Check. K

PM. Staples out. G.

[Photos from the Vet Clinic, Nothing Gory I Promise, Patient Report #1.1]

Saturday 14 Jan

AM. Shavings in his tail! And elsewhere! First time Milton has rolled post surgery. G&K

PM. Was cleared for treats this morning. I happened to have one in my pocket. Brought two – just two – tonight. A hello treat and a goodbye treat. G&K

Sunday 15 Jan

AM. Check. G&K

PM. Brought two pieces of carrot as treats. Milton is sure there is more to a carrot. G&K

Monday 16 Jan

Home. Excited & exhausted. Horses. People. Everyone.


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