Meanwhile Back At The Ranch, What Rodney Has Been Up To

Awareness of the outside world. Paper Airplane World Championships. I caught it on a weekend rerun. Amazing. CNN: Gravity-defying feats on display at the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final, Ronald, video by Li, 2022. Surfing says 30 video available on ESPN streaming.


Rodney was stellar about being left on his own in the pasture. This would not be the case if the situation were reversed and Rodney had been gone for two weeks. Milton would have run screaming around the field.

First week. Missed his buddy, particularly during a big storm. Delighted to be the center of attention. Willing to play the situation for extra cookies. Preemptive dose of UlcerGard.

Second week. Putting on weight from free choice hay and the chance to eat in peace. Doesn’t groove on group meetings the way Milton does. Likes to know that his people are around and on the job.

Third week. Milton home. Rodney adapting well to his role as babysitter to Milton being on stall rest. When I go check, they are sleeping on either side of the stall wall, i.e. next to each other but separated.

This may be the ideal situation for Rodney. The section of the stall that faces the run-in area is a wooden half wall with wire mesh above. Rodney can see his buddy. Rodney can wuffle at his buddy. His buddy can’t reach him no matter how much said buddy pins his ears and attacks the mesh.

Yeah, Milton is in a mood. It’s going to be a long two months. [Welcome Home]


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  1. Thinking about all of you! And hoping for mild weather the next two months to make it easier!

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