Barn Remodel for Rehab, Stall

Awareness of the outside world. Peeks out from under rock. Wonders what has been happening in the wide world. Looks around. Same shit, different day. Dives back under rock.


We use the stall often but only for short periods. Allowing Rodney to eat in peace. Keeping one horse in while the other works. Rodney staying up when we initially thought Milton’s trip to the vet was an overnighter. (Ha!) [Patient Report #1]

With a horse scheduled for a month of stall rest, we are looking at a 24/7 resident.

Time to renovate the stall.

BTW, stall bigger than it appears in photo above. (Bigger in the inside?) Photo has some parallax and the stall is a double-wide. There is more stall behind where I am standing.

On to the punch list.

Bought new wheelbarrow, bigger, rated for mud.

Stripped stall down to the ground and beyond. Got rid of anything even slightly dubious, i.e. an ancient hay stalk that might tempt a bored horse.

Banished Rodney so the stall could dry.

Regraveled edges.

Put gravel under feeding area mat & entrance mat. We have chosen to go with dirt floor and shavings for the main horse living area. We had mats but they a) migrated and b) would get slippery – particular when Rodney would come in from the field to relieve himself using the indoor potty. Really, horse? You couldn’t do this before or after breakfast? You had to do this now? But I digress. Flooring and bedding is an endless topic for discussion.

Patched the endless tiny leaks in a 30+ year-old roof.

Shavings & more shavings.

Bring on the horse!


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