Photos from the Vet Clinic, Nothing Gory I Promise, Patient Report #1.1

Companion photos to patient updates. Original plan was to have weekly patient reports. I can already see that this event will get spread all over the blog in the upcoming weeks. Why not, it’s taken over my life. I shall try to entertain rather than perseverate, or at least do both. [Patient Report #1]

Milton eating. “Getting small amounts of hay.” [Patient Report 4 Jan]

Milton done eating. They can do things with their snoots that I could not do with my fingers.

“Made G*dawful mess trying to get to handful of grain in bottom of water bucket. Was there to get him to drink. He figured he spill it out instead. Get this &@^#^ water out of my way. Owners not in least surprised.” [Patient Report 1 Jan]

Continued playing with his water bucket off and on during the week. Friend of a friend had a horse at the clinic at the same time. 😦 Friend was telling them about Milton, friend-of-a-friend says, “Oh, was he the horse who was spilling his water bucket and making a mess?” Yes, that was our horse.

10 days later. Never change, Milton. Never change.


4 thoughts on “Photos from the Vet Clinic, Nothing Gory I Promise, Patient Report #1.1

  1. My husband freaked a bit when he saw the hay on the sawdust photo. Did I mention the story I read recently where the author apparently did not know the different between straw and hay? Described “hay” used as bedding for a cow and to thatch a house. sigh

  2. What a waste of good hay 🙂
    There’s a radio commercial that talks about “wild stallion”. Given the context, they don’t know what a stallion really is.

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