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Awareness of the outside world. Alabama News Center: Brooke Gillis named new CEO of Alabama’s Innovation Depot, by Innovation Depot, December 12, 2022. Action shot by Meg. [Archives]


Between the cold snap … [Polar Vortex 2022]

… and spending our days at the vet clinic, [The Poop Emoji]

we squeezed in a few lessons at Stepping Stone Farm.

Landen, Wednesday. Regardless of how long it’s been since I’ve ridden hunter/jumper/dressage/eventing, If I haven’t ridden saddle seat, I revert to hunter/jumper/etc.

Bubba, Friday. Got a report that he had been rude to his riders lately.

Me: We aren’t doing any of that today, are we?
Bubba: No, Ma’am.

Some horses you just get. Mind you, we broke at the canter in both shows last year, and I still had trouble keeping him cantering in the first direction, so no relationship is perfect. TBH, I lost the canter at three out of the four shows last year, with two different horses, so it’s not all Bubba. Which is weird because cantering is usually what I do well. But I digress.

Also on Friday, Greg drove Optimus. Gave him a chance to enjoy a drama-free drive. Milton has been great about pivoting to driving horse, but the past is always lurking. No media. Completely forgot.


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  1. Glad to hear that you are riding in spite of the weather and vet visits. When life goes sideways, I find that normal stuff keeps me balanced.

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