Polar Vortex 2022, For The Record

Awareness of the outside world. USA Today: People who haven’t had COVID will likely catch XBB.1.5 – and many will get reinfected, experts say, Weintraub, Jan 6/7, 2023. Hat tip to A for the article.


11o on Friday to 70o on the following Saturday!!

In the spirit of my power outage report, I wanted to log the cold weather we had at the end of last year. [Zeta]

An info dump of my thoughts at the time, rather than a coherent narrative. Blame Milton. [Update]

Poopsicles. Don’t have to worry about stepping in dog poop. It’s all frozen.

Feels like college. Briefly. Spent one winter in New Hampshire and then made sure to be elsewhere for the other 3.

The indoor cat was most perturbed. People! In her house! All day!

The indoor/outdoor cats (house cats with side hustles as barn cats) came running into the house.

Family members were flying on Christmas Eve. Wasn’t clear who would finish their flight first, them or Santa.

Extra water in horse feed. Too much. Rodney does not do soup.

Thinking of Canadian folks who deal with frozen this and frozen that all the time.

Hay piles everywhere in run-in shed so Milton can’t play keepaway with ALL of them. Day 2, hay served out in the sun. Milton found the hay. We know Rodney didn’t. [The Adventure of the Missing Hay Pile]

Frozen poop II. No point in mucking.

Been a while since I have danced over frozen mud.

Love my new coat. [Farm]

Taking notes as I go along. Is this good or bad? It removes me from being immersed in the experience, but then, what am it missing? Plus, gives me something to do. [Pondering Twitter]

Four days. Could have remodeled the house in that time. Nope. Spent the entire time checking the weather, which said, ‘Yes, it is still cold.’


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  1. Stormy here. Last night we had thunder, big gusts, rain like a firehouse on the house, but mild temperatures. Still blowing,.46°, and not a day I want to go out for a run.

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