Farm vs Outdoor, Both Outside, Totally Different Places


Awareness of the outside world. Family shit going on. Second time in two months. The outside world can take care of itself for a while. BTW, different branches of family tree. Not same group twice.


Went to a well-known outdoor clothing store prepared to spend serious money for a winter coat. No luck. Everything was either fleece or waterproof. Neither would work in a barn, at least not in my barn.

Fleece is fuzzy, which is a magnet for hair & hay & shavings.

Rain gear is fancy, lightweight technical material, which makes crinkly noises. Since Rodney is a sensitive soul, I keep my clothing quiet.

I found a pair of gloves at a second outdoor store, but that’s it.

Husband and I went to a well-known farm clothing store. We found coats for both of us, plus three turtlenecks for me and more items that might be useful in the future. I wasn’t even looking for a coat when we found one for me.

This never happens. Both of us are the opposite of clothes horses. I wear garments into the ground partly because I’m cheap thrifty but partly because I hate the idea of shopping for replacements.

I’m being vague about brands because the point is not the specific stores but the difference in types.

An outdoor jacket is worn up mountainside, so I hear. If not being worn, the jacket still has to be carried. Weight is a concern.

A farm jacket is worn into the pasture. I’m never more than a few yards from my truck or a building. If I don’t need the jacket, I can take it off and come back for it later. Weight is not a concern. Weight can even be your friend, for example heavy canvas sleeves are useful when one is trimming back a thorn thicket.

Farm versus outdoors. Both outside; totally different places.

Old jacket. Photo was almost two years ago. Still worked, but worn through on most extremities. [Show Us Your Ugly Coat]

New jacket in top photo, from Magic City 5K. That’s why number is pinned to my leg. Didn’t want to poke holes in it after owing it less than 24 ours.

While wearing new coat got called sir again two days later. At this point, I think it upsets them more than it upsets me. [Hello Sir]


5 thoughts on “Farm vs Outdoor, Both Outside, Totally Different Places

  1. I agree with you about clothes. I still have some from junior high school. And after a shirt has worn out, I save the buttons. Jeans I save the pockets. Buttons have come in handy.
    One of Eowyn’s jackets is fleece. After a day out, the bright blue is more of a random white pattern….

  2. Thank you for the chuckle. I have no horse with tender sensibilities so when I needed a new jacket (with zippers that still work and would keep out rain) I found one on sale that’s crinkly, because rain. [I do have clothing from back forever, and the buttons my grandmother saved because they are pearl or otherwise pretty, but I had not thought to save pockets!]

  3. Congratulations on new outdoor gear! Obviously not simple, off-the-rack purchases, but one’s that require care, thought …. and surely these will last as long as their predecessors.

  4. Two+ weeks later. Still liking the coat, although it’s gonna get tested this week. High of 31o predicted for later in the week. That is freakishly cold for this area. No matter the night temp, the day usually warms up. 🥶

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