Artists Are Awesome, Pom Pom Edition


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Pom poms created by weaving wonder woman Jan Priddy, who blogs at Imperfect Patience.

The green ones are left overs from a pair of shawls with Canadian merino yarn by Koigu. The red ones are blanket with mostly handspun from NW and Canada. All hand dyed. The shells are from a genus of limpet that the artist finds onshore.

The pom poms are hanging by my front door. I enjoy them each time I walk out. I am wearing one of her shawls as I type.

Yay for handmade art!

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4 thoughts on “Artists Are Awesome, Pom Pom Edition

  1. Thank you for featuring my little decor, and again for the notebooks! I just seamed three shawls together to make a very large afghan for our loveseat because my husband is always cold!

    1. These pompoms were made from “thrums”—the ends of the warp yarn leftover from the beginning and end after completing a warp. My thrums from the beginning are usually very short, usually no more than a couple of inches. The end of the warp extends from a few inches in front of the reed to a few inches past the heddles to where it’s tied on, giving me at least 8 inches to play with.

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