Useful Art for Everyday, New Shawl


Images of the outside world. Monterey Aquarium: Monterey Bay Cam. Recording on Twitter here. Hat tip to @Ada_Palmer, #SomethingBeautiful tweet.

New shawl. Second verse. As good as the first. [Introducting Shawlene, Handmade, Wearable Art]

I’ve had it a while. I’m foggy on the specifications.

For more information, Imperfect Patience, or contact,

Family photo. Forgive the wrinkles and pilling. Take it as a sign that they are well-loved.

I try to wear the shawls in the same orientation each time so that wear patterns are consistent. The first one has a longer tassel in one corner. For the second, I made an indicator by tying two tassels together.


With apologies to the maker for taking so long to post photos. I had planned to include the shawl as part of a larger post with other handwork, under the title Artist Are Awesome. However, the other items got sucked into a time vortex. So, the shawl stands alone. Should other items reappear, they will get their own post(s).


3 thoughts on “Useful Art for Everyday, New Shawl

  1. Thank you, Katherine. How very good of you to post the photos of these merino and silk, hand-dyed (and partially hand spun), hand woven shawls. And with links to me!

    I completed a pair of shawls in bright orange and and golds just a week ago, blue-violets in January, and greens in December. Reds-and vines go on the loom next. (I confess that my memory of yours is more vividly colorful than they appear in these photos, but that stone wall is a handsome background.)

  2. The colors were hard to photograph accuately. The bottom photo is the closest color for the new one. The previous shawl has a green corner near the label, otherwise the second pic isn’t a bad likeness. Both are lovely and warm.

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