Home Team Update, Ground Driving

Working but not Riding

Both horses are on ground-driving program. Milton possibly permanently; Rodney temporarily, we hope.


We are seeing how Milton feels about being a driving horse instead of a riding horse.

Fitness walks up and down in the pasture. Lunging circles at walk and trot. Steering exercises around barrels. All done with (driving) saddle and long lines.

So far, so good. [Milton Rises To The Occasion]


Worked with Milton. Let’s try with Rodney.

Rodney will never hitch. He’s too claustrophobic about things touching his flanks. Given the foot-long scar on his side, one can’t blame him. [Why Rodney Will Never Be An Outstanding Obstacle Horse]

Long-lining allows him the opportunity to sort himself out without a rider. Or maybe it just gives us something to do with him until the weather warms up. He is such a summer vegetable.

Rodney gets double sessions with a hand walk later in the day. Easy duty but gets him in a working frame of mind.


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