Horse Tethering Ring in Portland Oregon, Guest Photo Repost

I owe you a long post on Milton’s medical. I had hoped to do that for today. I’m out of spoons. Here’s one from the reserve pile. (Thank you!) I’ll try to limber up the typing fingers for tomorrow. Meanwhile, patient is progressing nicely. [Milton Update page removed, Begin]


Local sidewalks are well over 100 years old, and some still have the iron rings intended to tie a horse. Photo first appeared in IMPERFECT PATIENCE: Rose City. Downloaded with permission.

First thought: Cute!

Second thought: Blog post!

Third thought: Wouldn’t that be a problem with the leadrope tied down by the horses’ hoof? They could step on it &/or get tangled in it. Which proves that you can leave Pony Club, but it never leaves you.

I also wonder about people tripping over the rings, but tripping has been on my mind lately. [Trotting About]

“Horse tethering rings weren’t quaint. They were the law.” Alameda Old House History: Portland’s Horse Tethering Rings, Doug 2018.

Spontaneous Street Art

One fellow started tethering tiny horses to the rings. It took off. The project that is. The horses stayed tethered.

Portland Horse Project, Facebook page


Oregon Live: A Northwest Portland couple meets, becomes engaged thanks to toy horse, Hottle, 2012.

Also Wiki, Atlas Obscura, & Bridgeliner


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