Stall Rest Chronicles 26 Jan

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. [Begin]

26 days post surgery
Second week of at-home stall rest

Rodney’s Routine

1 of 2 new barn barriers. He does good work.


The original plan was to have Rodney in at night to keep Milton company.

When we bought the property, the barn had four small stalls with a center aisle. We turned two stalls into one stall and the rest of the space into an open-sided area that the horses use for a run-in shed. Roof, one wall is the stall, two walls of wood fencing, and one open side. For Southern summers, one wants as much breeze as possible.

When Mathilda needed to be kept up, we built two sets of two slats (four total) to close off the open side, photo.

To get ready for Milton, we dug out the remaining slats and replaced the others. You have to slide out two slats every time you want to get a horse through. You wouldn’t want this as a permanent feature, but for a while, it’s okay.

Milton would have the stall. Rodney would be closed into the run-in at night. During the day, we would open the side and let him come and go as he pleased.

That was the plan anyway.

Milton doesn’t want Rodney to leave. Rodney doesn’t want to go.

Seriously. Greg stands with Milton. I open the gate. Rodney stands there and looks at us.

Partly, when people are around to watch over Milton, that means people are around who might break out in cookies or hay. If we left the the run-in open for an extended period, he might might wander off to graze. Maybe.

I give even odds or better that Rodney wouldn’t leave, even if he had the option.

He really doesn’t want to leave Milton. If I take him out, I have to insist. If I let him go, he runs back. If I go too far, Milton screams. In a recent test, Rodney got as far as the ring and Milton started bucking in the stall. That was fun. If we take them out together, Rodney wants to play.

I don’t know if this will be sustainable for the duration. For now, Rodney is on the same stall rest as Milton, albeit with slightly more space. Yesterday morning, Rodney & I went for a short walk back and forth within sight of the barn.

As long as Rodney is good with it, we are doing whatever is needful to keep Milton happy and calm.


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