Stall Rest Chronicles 27 Jan

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. [Begin]

27 days post surgery
Second week of at-home stall rest

Hay continues to go in. Poop continues to come out.

Yay, poop! 💩

Looking Ahead

SNEAK PEEK! You’ve asked, so we will offer MEDALS as one of your award choices for the 2023 Tevis Cup Virtual Ride event. Entries will post in early March with your 100 days to complete 100 miles starting April 19, 2023. Watch here for updates!”

Facebook: Tevis Cup Virtual Ride, Public Group

Looks to be a hanging medal in the fashion of the iconic belt buckle. Nice balance between including the virtual riders in the tradition while leaving the actual buckles for the IRL ride.

This year’s event will begin April 19th. allowing entrants 100 days to complete the distance – finishing up under the same moon as the date of the actual Tevis Cup Ride on July 29th.

The Tevis Cup: Virtual Tevis 2023

Barring complications, Milton is cleared for light work on 4/13. Are we ready to do 100 miles at a slow walk? Yes we are!


Milton will not be the only post-surgical patient to have hit the trail. ” ‘So we walked. One quarter mile at a time.’ Two Paths Farm: Just a Little Farther…“. [The Repost, Deuce Completes The Virtual Tevis 2020]

[VT archives]

In Other News

Thoughts on SF History class from another student, Cosmic Codex: Science fiction: A genre with a mission, Brian Scott Pauls, 26 January 2023. I believe you can read/listen to it without subscribing. If the link is not direct, click “No Thanks” on the landing page and chose the title from the table of contents. [Blanket Adjustment, announcement of class]


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