Stall Rest Chronicles 28 Jan

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. [Begin]

28 days post surgery
Second week of at-home stall rest

House acted up last week. Truck acted up this week. House trouble fixed with rental of the proper tools. Truck trouble seems to have resolved itself. (!?!? 🤞). I can’t figure out if this is bad luck, or good luck, or just life.

And of course, Milton, who had terrible, invasive surgery but then was a model patient. (🤞). Bad luck? Good luck? Life?


3 thoughts on “Stall Rest Chronicles 28 Jan

  1. I once had to get a jump start because my car seemed to be dead. Got to the gas station, they checked it out, battery is fine. I think inanimate objects have more animation than we think. Especially when it comes to getting their human upset.

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