Dinner and Ribbons, ASHAA Banquet for the 2022 Show Year

Awareness of the outside world. ASHA: Funds. Link is to the national association. Awards were from the state association, hence the additional “A”.


ASHAA Academy Adult Equitation – 4th of 5
ASHAA Academy Adult Showmanship – 5th of 5

February 2022. “You know, if I do two of the three local, summer shows, I could probably climb onto the tag end of the year-end awards.” [Crux]

Mission accomplished.

Photo by Courtney Huguley

Question for the audience. Are year-end awards a good idea? Aye. Motivation, vide me in 2022. Recognition, you can get a big, fluffy ribbon without owning a big, fancy horse. A dress-up occasion to brighten up the middle of January. Nay. The potential for overuse of horses and burnout of riders. All the shows have exactly the same classes. Movement between divisions gets done between seasons. Thoughts?

My ASHAA Shows for 2022
[Mid-South Spring Premiere]
[SSF Summer Show]
[Heathermoor Farm Summer Show]


4 thoughts on “Dinner and Ribbons, ASHAA Banquet for the 2022 Show Year

  1. That’s the most beautiful rose-colored ribbon! I tell you the saddle seat ribbon situation is fabulous! Congratulations! Awards gatherings are fun and exciting- we all need more happy events and gatherings!

  2. I do appreciate year-end awards., but like you, I certainly wouldn’t want to see lesson horses over-used in pursuit of them. I competed in an Academy series in walk-trot Huntseat classes not too long ago. The first year I received a High Point Award for that division (out of four possible riders). In the second year, I received a Reserve High Point Aware (out of seven possible riders). What was funny about that is I either came in dead last or came in first because I was the only one in the class! I just showed up more than the other six competitors, I guess. LOL. And I agree that the rose-colored ribbon you have there is lovely! Always fun to receive a prize!

  3. Saddle seat ribbons are on point! It seems to be part of the culture because all of the shows and associations are that way.

    I’ve been in some one-entry classes that I was quite proud of, mostly driving.

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