Switching Gears, Show Report, Mid-South Spring Premiere 2022


Awareness of the outside world. My first extended, crowded outing since the before times. I relied on being outside, staying away from people, and being on a horse. I masked up for getting my hair done. Closest I’ve been to a non-husband/non-dental person in years. Was it easy to put on a mask when no one else on the grounds was? No. Did anyone care one way or the other? Also no.


Mid-South Spring Premiere
Morgan County Celebration Arena
Priceville, AL, USA
Saturday 14 May 2022

Transformer (Optimus)
91 Academy Showmanship WTC-Adult Amateur, 6th of 7
92 Academy Equitation WTC-Adult Amateur, 3rd of 7
95 Academy WTC Championship-Adult Amateur/Junior Exhibitor, 4th of 7

Thank you to Sharon Gray and Whitney Cook for Optimus.


Trotting into the ring for our third class:

Optimus: Would you like me to lift my shoulders and be a fancy horse?
Me: Why, yes, thank you.

It was delightful. We balanced around the turns. We motored down the long sides. The ringside spotters were suspiciously silent.

He was warmed up? I finally asked correctly? Who knows.

The other classes were me trying to remember to ride saddle seat. The position comes back relatively quickly. Sit in the back of the saddle. Pinkies inside the reins. Hands up. Actual riding takes longer. In the first class, I was still using my lower leg and following with my hands. It didn’t work, so I did it harder.

This is all in retrospect. At the time, I thought I was doing it.

You try to do the thing.
You think you are doing the thing, but you are not.
You finally do the thing, and you say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s how it is supposed to feel.’

The third class was possibly the most fun I’ve had in a saddle seat class.

Other Thoughts

I miss Sam. My last ASB show was at these grounds with Sam in October 2019. [Putting The Show In Showmanship]

Next time, I want to be here with my ASB event horse having a Back To His/Her Roots day.

Helmet spotted on a suit kid.

I have forgotten how to people.


Admin. I will yammer about this for a while.

a) Probably (?) my only big show this year.

b) That’s all I’ve got. Six Virtual Tevis rides & the show were the horse agenda last week. [Getting The Miles In]

update, et voilà
[Switching Gears]
[Grinding My Gears]
[Gearing Up, Nerves Report]
[Considering My Gear, Show Photo]


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  1. Congratulations! I’m so glad you had fun and picked up some new ribbons!

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