Gearing Up, Nerves Report, Mid-South Spring Premiere 2022


Awareness of the outside world. “Currently, the general public doesn’t need to be particularly worried about the risk monkeypox viruses pose to themselves and their loved ones. ‘It does not spread easily from person to person, the risk to the general public is low,’ said Rimoin.Vox: Why monkeypox isn’t like Covid-19, Experts are cautiously concerned, but this is a fundamentally different outbreak, Landman May 19, 2022.


Show a week ago. [Show Report]

How did I do in the run up?

Not well. No progress. Sizeable step to the side.

*I* was fine. Optimus is a good dude. The show was three flat classes that were well within my capabilities. Easy peasy.


My nerves decided I could not be trusted and they would carry on regardless.

Early in the week, I’d had an article returned with a one-day turnaround. I elected to start from scratch and rewrite rather than trying to fix. A writing theory says that washing garbage just gives you clean garbage. Deadline laced with a sense of failure all day.

That was Tuesday before the show.

Saturday was the show.

A well-regulated system would return to baseline between alerts.

Finish. Regroup. Wait for next.


My system decided shutting down and restarting was too much work.

That was me, resting on a hammock of nerves.

Not recommended. 0/10.


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