Stall Rest Chronicles 4 Feb, with Brief Thoughts On The Temporary Format

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. [Begin]

Week 5 post surgery
Week 3 of stall rest

The latest development is that Rodney can be left outside eating hay while we go about our business. Milton can see still see Rodney, so Milton goes about his business. Although I do stack the deck by giving Milton his alfalfa while Rodney is out. [30 Jan]

This means we don’t have to sit right there and watch over the two of them. Rodney has shown no sign of hearing voices and galloping around the field. (Crosses fingers) He is more likely to come back into the barn early. He tried to come in while I was still clean the stall and the barricade was back up. He decided he was locked out for life. Dramatic much?

I jest, but it’s a great help for Milton to have Rodney staying so close. It’s good for Rodney to get out of the barn and nice that we don’t have to hover. At least so far, with mild trepidation.

State of the Blog

Background. I had a secondary, separate page for two weeks. Switched to updating as the main blog subject. [Adventures in Horse Care, Patient Report #3, for comparison, an archive of a week’s worth of page entries]

Immediacy is the biggest change from an update *page* to update *posts*.

With the page, I was recapping our activities at the end of each day. In the morning we did this. In the evening we did that. Milton is doing thus.

With posts, I write and schedule them at least the day before. Have been this doing since getting the idea from a web comic artist back in 2012. Plus, I try to get posts done first thing. So, this Saturday post was written on Friday morning about events of Thursday at the latest. [Cinder-blogging-ella]

Therefore, it has become less of a day-by-day record and more about presenting an interesting point that occurred recently. Not a good thing or a bad thing, just a thing, “This system will make the blog more like a prime time recap than a live broadcast.” [ibid]

I have – not surprisingly – more to say about the mechanics of regular updates. I don’t – also not surprisingly – have the mental energy to marshal my thoughts. I hope to circle back and spend more time looking under the hood: Twitter vs sidebar vs page vs blog posts, which ones I’ve used, how they worked, and so on.


If you blog, what do you do for long-term, unfolding events? As it happens? Weekly? Keep records offline & recap once it’s over?

When you read, what do you prefer?


5 thoughts on “Stall Rest Chronicles 4 Feb, with Brief Thoughts On The Temporary Format

  1. Reading the blog is like a chapter book. I look forward to each installment. The freshness is not as important as the continuity. I’m enjoying the Saga of Milton and Rodney.

  2. My life is the only unfolding, on-going event in my life. So, things are sort of chaotic when it comes to my blog. Wish I could be of more help.

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