Stall Rest Chronicles 30 Jan

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. [Begin]

Milton is four weeks post surgery
Two weeks at clinic DONE
Two weeks of at-home stall rest DONE
Starting week 3 of four weeks of stall rest
Four weeks paddock rest
Four weeks pasture rest

Since it was the weekend, we had time to try a few new things. Reminder. Milton on stall rest. Rodney in companion (& partly self-imposed) confinement in the area next to the stall.

1) Team walks. Both horses out on leadropes. Rodney was excited. We bailed early not so much because Rodney was hard to handle, but because I was stressed about what might happen if he were to get away.

Voting this one down. While Milton is out, Rodney appears to prefer being in the stall cleaning up Milton’s leftover. This seems wrong. Rodney should get out of the barn. However, the point is enrichment for the horse. He gets to chose what he enjoys. Most horses want out of a stall. Rodney wants in.

Milton did not care one way or the other that Rodney was along on his walk. I think the bonding is one-sided. Dude, we’ve all been there.

2) Fed Rodney hay on the porch, an area of the field just outside the barn. We had time to hang out & keep eye on Milton. Rodney got some sun. Milton got used to seeing Rodney a little bit farther away.

Worked better, although Rodney only lasts for a short while before he wanders back in.

3) Took Milton for one long outing of 20 minutes rather than two 10-minute walks. Was more work for him. He was ready to come in.

Another keeper. Gentle increases in exercise are good therapy.

Partly it’s about what the horses want, or need, or enjoy, partly its about what we are able to cope with. We be a little jumpy at the moment.


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