No Stirrup November, In Which I Complicate An Introduction


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I should warn you. What started as a happy little intro post went off the rails.


To get everyone excited beforehand, Equisarte asked NSN participants to introduce themselves. Questions in italics. [No Stirrup November Begins]

Welcome Everyone!!! While we are gearing up for our 2nd Annual NO Stirrup November Challenge tell us about yourself! Post a photo of you and your horse! Then tell us-

Photo by Ginni Bush [The Return of Doctor Whooves]

Your name: Katherine

Your horse(s) name(s): & Horse’s breed and age:

Rodney, TB, 22

Milton, OTTB, 13

lesson horses, various

What discipline(s) do you ride? It’s complicated. Jumpers, although I haven’t seriously jumped in a decade. Eventing, although it has been even longer since I’ve gone out on a cross-country course in competition. Dressage, when forced. Hunters, back in the day that’s the only place to jump fences lower than 3’6″. Saddle seat, as a lark, an 8-year lark. Short answer? Walking my pasture puff. … and screaming internally.

If you are new here, what I’m referring to is that I have two very nice horses that I have utterly failed to do anything with. It corrodes my soul. It shouldn’t, but it does. [Not Rising To The Challenge]

What State you’re from: I live in Alabama. I’m from … sigh … it’s complicated. Born in Connecticut. Grew up in NYC. Lived several other places. Part of me never left NY.

A fun fact about yourself or your horse: … uh … not feeling fun after that trot down memory lane of dashed hopes in question one.

What is a short or long term goal you are working towards with your horse? I don’t do goals. Too depressing to watch them whiz by. [This Is Why I Don’t Set Goals]

What do you hope to get out of this challenge? Blog posts. Yes, improvement, but also blog posts. And a ribbon.

When did you start riding? A century ago.

Do you compete or ride for leisure? Both.

Favorite place to ride: Yes.

Your horse’s favorite treat: Rodney, horse cookies. Milton, anything. Saddle seat school horses, peppermints. Hunter Barn school horses, I keep forgetting to bring treats.

If you dress up for Halloween with your horse, what will you be? Rodney is a large bay. Milton is a grey. Someday, we’d like to do a group costume of Moose & Squirrel, Natasha Fatale & Boris Badenov.

Well, that was a ray of sunshine, wasn’t it? I’m actually happy on a day-to-day level. Questions like this take me back. I don’t have an elevator speech for where I am with horses. Wanna know how I feel? Here is 11 years of column, monthly blog, & daily blog tracing every step from buying Rodney to now. Read that. That’s how I feel.

I’m in a mood, aren’t I? Gonna go find a dandelion patch to sit in.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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