Dia de los Muertos Festival


Awareness of the outside world. “Dayofthedead.holiday is dedicated to celebrating all things Dia De Muertos … Our goal is to build the world’s most authoritative website for the Day of the Dead … All of the content on the site comes from professional writers based in Mexico that have experienced the holiday first-hand.” DOTD.H: About.

Day of the Dead can look weird and creepy in photos. In person, you see how much love goes into the displays.

Dia de los muertos #19, hosted by Bare Hands Gallery, downtown Birmingham. Photos taken November 4, 2021.

There were altars, aka memorials, for private figures, local celebrities, public figures, and political figures. There was even a group altar for people who had no one. As you would expect, the altars were a lot easier to take when they celebrated the end of a long and full life.

Without a mandate to cover the event, it felt too intrusive to take photos of the more personal altars. That’s why you got the stage, Covid, and a cat statue.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Metamorphosis. I saw the lead quote from this on a poster at the Festival. Poetic and apropos. Was planning to insert it here. Research. Turns out it is from a 2009 book. So, not traditional. Also, the full piece is unsettling, if intriguing. You have been warned.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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