No Stirrup November Begins


Awareness of the outside world. The ears! The stripey knees! The cuteness! Marwell Zoo: Marwell Zoo visitors treated to the birth of a rare Grevy’s zebra foal. YouTube video. Hat tip to Equine Ink: Grevy’s Zebra Foal Born in UK Zoo, who keeps coming up with good stuff and who I should probably put on retainer.

I have signed up for No Stirrup November through Equisarte Shows.

“The main goal of the challenge is to complete the 10 rides without using stirrups for a portion or all of the ride.” Equisarte: No Stirrup November

While I can ride without stirrups, this one is not a gimme. My mounts right now are Rodney and new-to-me horses at Hunter Barn. Neither option shouts, ‘Yes, lets do weird sh*t together.’ Previous Horse? Sure. Equitation exercises at SSF? Been there, done that. [Leg Lessons]

Speaking of lesson, dropping my stirrups during lesson #2 was probably what put the idea into my head. Or more accurately, had the idea at the front of my brain when I saw the ad for the challenge. [Return of School Horse]

No Stirrup November has been around for years, but the timing never seemed right. This year it does. As with all virtual challenges, I could certainly do this on my own. It’s fun to have an external metric.

I am setting the bar super, super low. Ten rides will mean 10 times were I drop my stirrups at a halt. I will try for more than 10. I will try to do more than stand. However, 10 no-stirrup halts will qualify as mission success.

Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a start.

Did I do this for self improvement? To have something to blog about? For the finisher ribbon? These objectives are not mutually exclusive.


Stay safe. Stay sane.

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